Founded by Mac in 1997, the only apple he cares for is a piece of fruit!
Founded by Mac in 1997, the only apple he cares for is a piece of fruit!

Alot has happened since my previous post!

Johns has been reassembled… mostly. There are still computers ready to be tripped over, cables that will tie better knots than most scouts with not nearly as much tuition and an internet connection with two speeds (Really fast and off). So we all feel completely at home then!

As for the club machines, we had an overheating issue on the 3GHz pentium, but that was the main issue, as it decided to erase its BIOS before we could fix it… So with a new motherboard it is now back up and running, aswell as being replaced with other club machine (an acer donated by Dave).

The left hand machine is currently Johns quad core with 8GB of ram running Windows 7 x64 on a BIOS that will only boot a USB device if it has a GPT partition table. This is not realy an issue, I installed GRUB2 onto a flash drive and we can now boot Zorin (which is a spin of Ubuntu) without any issues.

Both displays are now LCDs, so we have now have more desk space… that we promply filled with coffee, screwdrivers and various graphics cards.

I think that brings us mostly up to speed, so if you will excuse me I have a top score on Chuzzle to beat.

As our regulars will know, John has been redecorating which unfortunately caused the club to be called off last week (a few of us went anyway, but there wasn’t really room for us).

The club should be going ahead as normal this week, see you all there!

New site

Welcome to the new site!

With a fresh theme, all based on wordpress, it will be easy to update and maintain.

A few features have yet to be added, such as the bookshelf (I need to write that!) and the mailing list (to keep members informed).

Happy to take feedback, mistakes, something missing, something incorrect? Check the contact page for more info on that!